Top 8 Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Top 8 Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Ever heard of vibration therapy? It’s this new type of exercising where you’re going to need a vibrating plate. You can either stand or sit on it as it vibrates your whole body or you can do a variety of other exercises while on the machine. This whole notion on depending on a machine for your fitness regime might seem strange, but as this infographic tells you, it holds a host of health benefits. It’s weird to think that just one machine can ultimately improve one’s health, but all the positive results you can get out of it are accurate and medically-proven.

One of the most common health benefits of vibration exercising is improving your flexibility. A flexible body enables you to whatever you want to do without the risk of cramping up and getting into serious injuries and complications. It’s often noted that just 5 minutes on the vibrating machine can already increase your body’s overall flexibility by 8.2%. And while this may not seem much, remember that your body does all sorts of activities that will need a lot of flexibility, from lifting heavy objects to common actions such as stretching and taking a stroll. Any added flexibility will work wonders for you.

If you’re also one to have high blood pressure, doing vibration therapy can ultimately lower your levels down. High blood pressure leads to all sorts of health defects and major illnesses, most of which can be life-threatening. Such include heart disease, cancer, and many others. This makes vibration exercising, especially whole-body vibration training, to be most preferable for those who usually have high blood pressure or are unable to take on the more common strenuous exercises. The machine’s soothing properties can enable you to simply relax and let your blood flow as normally as it can.

Even apart from all these, you’d simply want a comfortable and painless body. Vibration training helps relieve you off various chronic body pains, particularly in your back and most of the time, your legs and limbs. Your lower back, in particular, is said to extremely benefit from this exercise. If you want a comfortable body after every workout, this exercise may be best for you!

All these valuable information is illustrated for you on this infographic. Don’t dismiss vibration exercising just because it’s new and unique. You never know how much it can change your life after a few sessions of doing it.

Top 8 Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

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