Top 10 Lotto and Bingo Winners of All Time

Winning the biggest, juiciest bingo jackpot is every player’s dream. The same applies with Lotto, whenever you buy a lotto ticket or a bingo card, all your hopes are placed in just one thought: hitting the big prize. However, the ugly true is that both winners and losers are almost entirely determined by Lady Luck, no matter the strategy of your choice. If you have ever won a bingo jackpot or bought a winning lotto ticket, you are probably familiar with the rush and excitement of winning.

Well, imagine how would you feel if one day you discover you’re the lucky winner of a $656 million jackpot. What would you do if you become filthy rich all of a sudden? Some lucky folks out there know exactly the feeling. And now we have prepared an infographic that shows the 10 biggest lotto and bingo winners of all time, including some interesting facts about the winners and where the jackpots ended up. You might be surprise with the amounts of cash they won and the incredible stories behind it.

Who knows, maybe going through this infographic will attract good luck to you, so let us know if you become the next bingo winner so we can feature you on our list!

Top 10 Lotto and Bingo Winners of All Time [Infographic]
Infographic: Top 10 Lotto & Bingo Winners of all time created by 123 Bingo Online

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