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The 7 Best Tree Houses on Earth

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The 7 Best Tree Houses on Earth

Tree houses are platforms or buildings constructed around, next to or among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees while above ground level. Tree houses are used for recreation, work space, habitation, and observation or as temporary retreats. Tree houses appeals to our younger selves, inspiring feelings of warm nostalgia and closeness with nature.

The following infographic, as it is rightly named “The 7 Best Tree Houses on Earth”, shows us the seven best tree houses in the world with their beautiful images.  It includes the Mirror Cube from Sweden, Bird Apartment from Japan, Free Spirit Spheres from Canada, The Nook from US, Peer Tree House from Germany, The Tree House on The Oak from France and again The UFO from Sweden. Spell bounding!!! The only word comes to mind while looking at this man made beauties. It is surreal to witness such kind of construction of tree houses.

My personal favourites are Mirror Cube from Sweden and the Bird Apartment from Japan. Dying to feel the joy of being so close to Mother Nature. Groom into this lovely infographic guys and pick your favourite tree houses, Nature at its Best, While Staying in Its Nest!!!

Likes: Beautiful images, outstanding research done depicting the interiors of the tree houses. Anyone could fall in love just looking at it!!

Dislikes: It’s hard to explain but arrangement could be made better, also the numbering is incorrect for the last one. By the word arrangement meaning, the countries and the particular tree houses are not well defined.

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The 7 Best Tree Houses on Earth
The 7 Best Tree Houses on Earth

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