Technology Use on the College Campus

Technology Use on the College Campus 1

Wow! There seems to be a full undergraduate course of information in the “Technology Use on the College Campus” infographic. We remember our own college days. At that time, we were limited to small cassette recorders to record the lectures. In hindsight, this may have been redundant as we also took notes, but we suppose that some redundancy, some confirmation and reinforcement are good for education and learning.

Today, there is a great range of technology both inside and outside the classroom. We were slightly taken aback that 60% of students would not attend a college that did not offer free Wi-Fi (since seems to be a strange and different criteria) but on reflection, this does make sense. Perhaps at the other end of the spectrum was the factoid that 86% of students use a social networking site. We had always assumed that it was 100% although, in the almost four years since this infographic was published, perhaps it has increased to 100%.

We found it peculiar and somewhat inexplicable that a word processor was rated as most important by only 76% of the respondents. How else are students supposed to write mid-terms, final exams and other reports? Perhaps they do this less frequently, so they do not perceive it as being more necessary.

We do agree with students in their hopes and needs for their instructors to use more things such as EBooks. We are not students but online and pdf books are what we greatly desire.

Likes: There is a mountain of information here, and we are gluttons for knowledge.

Dislikes: We cannot think of any at this time.

Technology Use on the College Campus 2

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