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Protect Your Home This Holiday Season Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

Anxiety and fear are theoretically different emotions that string very similar stress levels in most people. Fears are induced due to several reasons – fear of heights, confined spaces or even bees. However, the most realistic fear any person can undergo is that of someone breaking into his or her home, better known as Scelerophobia…

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Younger Drivers Road Safety RED Younger Drivers Road Safety RED

See below, RED Driving School’s GTA-inspired road safety graphic, put together based on a research report around the most common road risks for younger drivers. The report pulled in data from the UK and the US relating to some of the more common accidents and fatalities experienced by Younger drivers, as well as surrounding information,…

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Do You Hear What I Hear? The Fire Alarm! 1 Post thumbnail

240 Home Fires begin with Christmas Trees annually! Christmas Tree fire alarm safety and Holiday Light safety are two very important aspects of holiday decorating that should not be ignored.  Make Christmas safe this year by following these fire safety tips. Designed by in partnership with

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We have actually discovered a webpage devoted to jokes about women and bad driving. However, there are some objectively real and dangerous times to drive and these are shown in the “Worst Times to Drive” infographic. There is a plethora of graphs and information available in it, too much to adequately discuss in this short…

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local-train-arrives-at-the-station-during-rush-hour local-train-arrives-at-the-station-during-rush-hour

India has a wide network of railways. This is the preferred medium of travel in the nation owing to the convenience that it offers to the people. However, the safety aspect is the main question that arises owing to the number of accidents that take place. This infographic titled “How Safe Is Your Train Travel?”…

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Automobiles came into picture when man needed a more comfortable way of transportation. But along with that came the dangers associated with risking the life. Improper driving has led to many cases of death globally. This infographic titled “The Dangers of Driving” covers the risk analysis. It also highlights the serious incidents that have taken…

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