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The Criminal States of America

When you turn on the news, it’s no surprise to see reports of violent crimes or robberies. You may see these stories affect your daily life, by being more wary of your surroundings, taking…


Stoning Women in Iran

It's 2013 but women around the world are still being stoned to death. There are 15 countries in which stoning is either practiced or authorized by law, even if it has never been practiced.…


24 Funniest Ways to Die

At the beginning of the comedic film, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, there is an accident and someone dies. The passers-by, however, do not know whether or not he is truly dead until he…

Can You Afford To Die?

Death as it turns out, is an expensive affair. You need money even to die. Have you ever given that a thought? Everything requires your penny. You better start saving for your death, if not…


How Men Die

Death comes in so many vivid ways, but for men, there are some different reasons for death which are most common. Surely one can die from a major heart attack at any instant, but how often…