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The Top 5 Super Bowl Most Valuable Players

Super Bowl Most Valuable Players

The Super Bowl has delivered spectacular sports entertainment for 56 years. Thousands of players have represented different NFL teams in Super Bowl games. Still, only a handful have stolen the show during the biggest game in the NFL every year.

Every year, fans place bets on Super Bowl winners. Some fans also bet on who they think will finish as the Super Bowl’s MVP on platforms like BetUS. Cooper Kupp of the Los Angeles Rams scooped the Super Bowl’s MVP title this year and joins the growing list of 48 players to have won the Super Bowl MVP title.

What does it mean to win the Super Bowl MVP title?

Playing football as a career is a lifelong dream for many in America. Only very few footballers ever make it to the Super Bowl final. Still, even among those who have played in the Super Bowl final, some players have performed more brilliantly than others to help their teams seal the victory.

Winning the Super Bowl MVP title in the NFL is not an easy feat. Most footballers who have won the Super Bowl MVP title only won it on one occasion. Still, some standout footballers have won the Super Bowl MVP title multiple times. These men are in a class of their own. One would wonder how they pulled off their remarkable feats.

Multiple Winners of Super Bowl MVP Titles

Only five players have won the Super Bowl MVP titles on more than one occasion. All of these players are quarterbacks, which signifies quarterbacks’ important role in winning football games.

●    Tom Brady

The GOAT has won the Super Bowl MVP title a record five times. His first Super Bowl MVP title was won during Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002 while he played for the Patriots. He won his second two years later in 2004 at Super Bowl XXXVIII while still with the patriots. Brady won 3rd, 4th, and 5th Super Bowl MVP titles in 2015 (XLIX), 2017 (LI), and 2021 (LV); this time, Brady played for the Buccaneers.

●    Joe Montana

Joe Montana won all three Super Bowl MVP titles with the 49ers in 1982 (XVI), 1985 (XIX), and 1990 (XXIV).

●    Bart Starr

Starr won the first two Super Bowl MVP titles in 1967 (I) and 1968 (II) while playing for the Packers.

●    Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw also won the Super Bowl MVP title consecutively in 1979 (XIII) and 1980 (XIV) while playing for the Steelers.

●    Eli Manning

Eli Manning is the only multiple Super Bowl MVP title winner who won alongside Brady within the last two decades. Manning won his first Super Bowl MVP title in 2008 (XLII) with the Giants and his second Super Bowl MVP title in 2012 (XLVI) also with the Giants.


Will any footballer ever break Brady’s incredible record? Brady looks poised to add another one as he recently came out of retirement. Who do you think can topple Brady’s incredible achievements?