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Stylish ways to wear nose pin

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Fancy nose pins are in fashion these days, and most women follow these patterns highly. Previously, gold, diamond and silver nose pins were very well known. But now, these are mostly worn by girls to finish one’s look and so in various jewellery shops, entirely different types of nose pins are obtainable.

For many years, nose pins have been a crucial part of the life of each woman in the Indian tradition. Many women today are ready to have their nose piercing done, but the type of nose pin designs available on the market are not certain.

For wearing a specific kind of nose ring, there is no hard and fast rule, but here are a few points that will help you select the right nose pin for yourself!

Diamond nose hoop ring

A perfect way to add some spice to your look is to wear the super cool diamond nose ring hoops. These diamond hoops can easily be carried away by young women and teenagers. They are strikingly different from the conventional nose ring hoops and are original. The diamonds can be studded with white gold or a series of diamonds can be studded with hoops of gold or white gold.

Floral nose pin stud

The floral designs always look chic and have an elegant side to them. A floral nose pin stud uplifts your feminine side and adds a stunning element to your outfit. You can team it up with a simple ethnic kurti or a romantic slip dress as well depending on your mood. There is a wide variety of designs available today in the floral category along with different sizes to choose from.

The gold hoop

The golden loop is another easy-to-wear and super cool style. It looks elegant and it will also be a hassle-free choice at the same time. The gold nose pin stud or a gold hoop is an extremely minimalist and versatile piece. It adds up to your look without being too obvious or grabbing attention away from your outfit. It acts as a complimentary addition to your outfit.

The studded loop

If you don’t want a very big Bali, you may as well be able to opt for a small one and a studded loop or bali.

Since they are subtle and absolutely breathtaking. And the plus point is that with an ethnic uniform, they’ll go okay. A studded loop is a perfect fit for your ethics and traditional attires. It acts as a special element that grabs attention towards you in any gathering and acts as a statement piece.

Basic nose pin

If you’re uncertain about the nose pin to select from various options, go for a basic stud nose pin because it’s going to go with it all. The simple and conventional nose pin is the easiest way to spruce up your look with minimum effort. If you are not sure about the out of the box designs, you can always play safe and make a mark with simple stud nose pins. These can be diamond or any gemstone of your choice.

The bridal nose pin

A bridal nose pin is a must on the marriage day to wear accessories, once Indian culture is involved. The larger the size of a bridal nose pin, the better the design can be accomplished. Thus, for Indian brides, sporting a nose pin is extremely necessary. These are available in designs that are attractive.

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