Are Student Athletes Exploited?

Are Student Athletes Exploited? 1

The answer is that perhaps they are. The question is “Are Student Athletes Exploited?” as shown in the following infograph. The infograph introduces the topic by explaining that in recent years, students, colleges and universities have often been in the news for various scandals and corruptions. It points out that while some students apparently do take money under the table, the colleges, universities and outside companies receive untold billions of dollars in revenue from the use of the student athletes.

The introduction is undoubtedly true but even if it is not, then it needs to be pointed out that this infograph was originally published at the end of 2011. Since then, those students have graduated, and some of them have progressed to professional sports, and some of these have gone on to the NFL or the National Football League. Very recently, there was a scandal (or at least a controversy) called Deflategate or Ballghazi in which the footballs were modified to produce a certain desired result in the score or the outcome of an American football championship game.

The theme of the infograph (and described in the first paragraph here) is certainly important, but the infograph detracts from it slightly by showing few scandals and corruption. The first historical item was in 1905, then there was nothing until almost 35 years later after which there were a few events until 1952, after which it took another 30 years, and then another 25 years to show other events.

Likes: The is an eye-opener of an infographic on the topic of student athletes.

Dislikes: The glaring green background could’ve been avoided.

Are Student Athletes Exploited?


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