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Starting A New Life

Starting A New Life

Looking back at my life, I won’t be surprised that there were not many happening decision I took in my life. But as I am told to pick that one bold step I took which changed my life will indeed be the day when I decided to shift to Bangalore from Mumbai for a job. Born and brought up in Mumbai, kind of Momma’s boy I was when I decided to live independently. Who doesn’t like to be pampered like a small child, and getting everything what I wanted without asking.

I completed my Engineering when I was 21. Till then life was a party. Friends, Beer, Fun etc. Life seemed beautiful. But something in me resisted like anything. Thoughts started pouring about the future. That was the time I made my mind about living independently. I discussed with my parents about it, and as usual they refrained. But I made my point clear to them and they were convinced. I was confused about which place to go to enjoy my independency. Shortly I was offered a job in a reputed company in Bangalore. So that’s it, Bangalore it was.

I shifted to Bangalore. But the feeling of staying away from my parents and friends while leaving was killing me. I left Mumbai with lots of love from Mom in the form of her handmade Ladoos, mind you a lot of themJ Bangalore for the first time looked very weird and crowded. The day I got down at Bangalore, that nervousness I still remember. Right from hiring a Taxi till entering my rented apartment, all thoughts of Mumbai was flowing through my memories. Home sickness occupied me. I even thought of leaving my job and returning back home. But fate had other surprises for me, I met my sweetheart here in Bangalore, and then I fell in love with Bangalore. How ridiculous it is, we always need someone to take care of ourselves.

Now, being 5 years old in Bangalore, I surely look my step of shifting here from Mumbai as my boldest step. I could have stayed with my parents, pampered and loved and cared and what not. But I made my mind and dared to make the dream come true. I am very contended now. Will marry my love; yes indeed the same one soon. I advice you one thing guys, Listen to your heart and make your decisions. Do what you love to do. Don’t be contended. Push your limits. You are made for doing something great. Good Luck!!