Sponsored Video: Wash Happy with the Activ Dualwash

Samsung wash happy

Samsung has come up with a unique idea that not only fulfills an essential purpose but also makes it enjoyable. Its latest activ dualwash is an addition to its already existing products in the appliances sector. The new product conveys that “washing doesn’t need to be a chore”. From the commercial we can see that washing hasn’t been deemed as a chore, but as an enjoyable activity that is being performed by people of all ages. The product too aims to deliver the same effect.
There are a lot of additional features in this model and as one can see, it is pretty simple to use. Even a less tech savvy person can use it efficiently. The product has an inbuilt sink with water jet – a first of its kinds in the washing machine range. The built in sink will help you wash your delicate items with ease. The surface is meant to mimic the washing board in your house. So you can scrub your clothes gently on its surface. It is perfect for those who find it hard to wash their loose fitted clothes in the washing machines.

Samsung wash happy
You also don’t need a brush. The surface scrubs off the dirt from your clothes easily. Also, there is no more need to pre soak the clothes before letting them into the washing machine. You can just tilt its upper surface to let the soaked clothes fall into the machine.
The rotating dispenser makes sure detergent doesn’t get stuck in one place. It is evenly distributed, even before the cleaning process starts. These are some of the really useful features.

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