Social Media Revolution 2010

Social media has taken over everything. If you still think it’s a fad then you must check out this infographic titled “Social Media Revolution 2010”. This infographic clearly highlights how social media has progressed and the impact it has on the lives of people. All the facts about the dominating sites over the web have been covered in this infographic.
Clear and innovative description of how social media is ruling both the personal and professional sectors of people has been brought into light by this neat depiction below.
Fascinating facts about Facebook, Twitter and other major networking sites and their roles in the lives of people have been highlighted here. You would be shocked to learn that 80% of businesses are active on Facebook.
Marketing professionals and consultants spend a great deal of time on networking sites these days. Social media has also tremendously impacted the growth in broadband services as per this infographic. In short, this infographic is a clear description of mind blowing facts about the social media revolution 2010. More such cool facts can be learnt from this infographic.
Likes: Superb illustration, clear description, simple to understand.
Dislikes: Latest facts haven’t been summarized.


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