Why Self-Drive Cars Are the Best Way to Travel

Why Self-Drive Cars Are the Best Way to Travel 1

Why Self-Drive Cars Are the Best Way to Travel 2

Travelling is one of the most freeing experiences people partake in. It lets you feel alive and reminds you of your real priorities, clears up the air, and gives you time to sit still and simply be. Why someone travels is not explainable or even reasonable sometimes, but the lack of it can make travel bugs go insane!

If you’re one of those people, you should consider going to Kochi for a wonderful experience. Located in Kerala, a state in South India, Kochi is an exquisite site of culture, diversity, and art. Paired up with the beautiful beaches, backwaters, lagoons, and hill-stations, Kochi offers an all-round package to anyone who visits.

If you’re in Kochi, you can find several car rentals that easily get a self-driving car in Kochi. Given the times, or at any point in the future, self-driving cars are the best way to travel safely and comfortably at your own pace and freedom for a comfortable price!

Flaws with local transport

1. Too expensive

Local cabs are always expensive, especially for tourists. It is really hard to get a cab that will stay with you for your entire duration and won’t charge you ground shattering amounts. Constantly having to change vehicles is also a stressful process because you just want to travel and rest at the end of a long day.

2. Haggles and Negotiations

You almost always end up in quarrels with the local cab drivers because they either charge too much, change their mind half-way through the trip, don’t listen to what you’re asking for or don’t give you enough privacy. Even if you’re a nice person who doesn’t like arguing with people, you will get annoyed, taint your experience and mood.

3. No freedom

Cab drivers want to function at their pace, not yours. Having to be limited to only a few sites or very little time spent at spots to work with the cab driver can be a huge bother. If you’re traveling with your pets, it is next to impossible to get a cab to take you places without fuss.

4. Safety

Safety and hygiene, especially during a pandemic, concerns people majorly. No one would want to travel around with a driver they don’t know, who might have picked up multiple other passengers.

What is the solution?

Most of these problems are annoying but not impossible to deal with. However, at a time today’s world lies in, these problems make people want to stay at home and not travel.

The solution is quite simple. Self-drive cars in Kochi give you the flexibility and freedom to go anywhere you want. Here are the best features:

  • Flexible pick up and drop points: Self drive cars drop off the car at a point of your choice and pick it up from where you leave it off. You only have to fill in these spots and the rest will be taken care of by the company.
  • Zero initial deposit to be paid: Self drive cars levy zero charges as initial deposit. You only have to pay for the distance you cover and petrol or diesel, according to what car type you choose.
  • Completely sanitized cars: These cars are cleaned after every use thoroughly and disinfected to ensure complete hygiene and safety of every customer is ensured.
  • The driver who drops the car is checked for temperature and comes completely isolated in the protective gear.
  • Low and affordable costs: The cars come at great prices, with many ranges to fit into anyone’s budget and brands also offer great deals for long journeys.
  • Complete freedom and liberty to move around as you please, stop for as long as you’d like at spots and even bring your pets or kids with you, with zero complaints from anyone.

Travelling in a new city can always be a stressful experience, despite the joys when you can’t figure your way around the city without every cab driver trying to scam you or get annoyed at you. Your experience shouldn’t be muffled and dulled down by these, and instead be elevated to its maximum potential.

If you want to travel but don’t think it’s the right choice, be completely safe with Self-drive cars in Kochi. If you’re bored or feeling extremely cooped up at home, rent a car and get a move on! You can simply relax, stretch your feet and enjoy a cool, fresh breeze and beautiful sights at every turn. Don’t keep your travel instinct quiet; let it soar and fly!

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