Scandigreen: Why Swedish Wood is so Sustainable

1926, a UK wood flooring retailer, has released an infographic today to promote the use of sustainable materials in the home. The environmental impact of products is becoming more and more important to consumers and now affects purchase decisions*. In response to this, 1926 has released Scandigreen, an infographic to show exactly where its Swedish wood flooring comes from.

Sweden has a variety of sustainability measures in force to ensure that it’s sawmill industry has a positive impact on the environment and local communities. These measures are so successful that Sweden’s forest area is increasing by 4000km² every year. Around 5% of the country’s total area is made up of protected national parks, which are not included in its harvestable tree population.

The infographic shows how these measures came into force following a surge in the sawmill industry and a decline in Sweden’s forests. Now, its natural resources and fantastic scenery are protected for future generations. Timber is Sweden’s main export so its aim is to preserve its stock of trees for future generations.

Scandigreen: Why Swedish Wood is so Sustainable 1

These measures exceed international environmental standards. Sweden is also safeguarding against the extinction of its beloved tree species with its tree gene bank, which stores DNA from each plant to be restored in the future. 1926 is an authorised Kahrs retailer. Kahrs is a Swedish wood flooring manufacturer in which the country’s environmental philosophy is engrained.

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