Samsung Air Conditioners and a Complete Guide to its Latest Technologies

Samung Air conditioners
Samsung AC

Samsung has always been known for evolving as a brand with latest technologies to provide optimal functionality in its electrical appliances. Samsung AC models include many new technologies, some of which are explained here to help understand the features.

Efficient Triangular Design

Samsung designed premium ACs with a triangular design that has a much broader inlet to absorb more air than the typical rectangular deigned ACs. Larger V-blades and fan are other plus points. This unique triangular designed AC ensures the air in z room is cooled faster and reaches a great amount of room area.

The wind-free technology provides the required cooling temperature without the direct airflow disadvantage. This is achieved by having micro holes on the front panel instead of the direct air flow blades.

Smart Functionality

With everything going wireless, premium Samsung ACs can be controlled from few taps on your smartphones through the Samsung’s Smart Home app. Apart from Acs even other appliances can be controlled. The user can manipulate the fan speed, swing and monitor the power usage. The Smart Installation feature performs self-diagnosis to check for any installation faults and avoid future malfunctioning of AC. This self-diagnosis takes about 15 minutes and in case of no errors, 99 appears on the digital display screen else the relevant error code is shown.

Automatic Switch from Fast Cooling Mode to Comfort Mode

The Fast Cooling mode lowers the room temperature drastically making it an optimally cool place within 30 minutes. Post the fast cooling, it operates in Comfort mode which maintains the temperature at a bearable level saving the user the trouble of regulating the temperature.

Dehumidification Mode

Ordinary ACs face water leakages during monsoon when the humidity is high. Moreover, they consume more energy and make the room way too cold resulting in ailments such as common cold and sneezing. Samsung Acs have incorporated the dehumidification mode to remove the excess moisture from the room. In this mode, the refrigerant cycle extracts the humidity and balances the temperature.

Full HD Filter

This filter is capable of eliminating the smallest impurities to allow circulation of only pure dust-free air. The Virus Doctor feature decimates dangerous airborne contaminants and viruses. For optimal function, regular cleaning of AC is essential. In this fast-paced world premium Samsung ACs include Auto Clean functionality that runs in the Auto Clean mode.

Samsung AC Bio Sleep Mode

This mode maintains a comfortable temperature during night time to help the user fall relax and fall asleep without having to bother about manipulating the temperature.

Operation Independent of Stabilizer

Frequent power cuts cause voltage fluctuations which interrupt with the normal functioning of the AC and damage it in the long run. The stabilizer in premium models protects the AC from such damage.

Let’s have a look at the few premium Samsung ACs online.

  • Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC White (AR12RV3HFTY)
    1. Features: This Samsung Inverter Split AC has a capacity of 1 ton and includes anti-bacterial filter.
    2. Price: INR 42,700
  • Samsung 2 Ton 3 Star BEE Rating Inverter Split AC White (AR24NV3HETUNNA)
    1. Features: This Samsung Split AC has a capacity of 2 ton and includes the Dehumidification mode to control humidity during monsoons.
    2. Price: INR 47,840

So bid adieu to heat and get a Samsung AC to get the relaxation you deserve at the temperature you desire!

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