Why Choosing Right Lens Care Is As Important As Choosing Your Contact Lens?

Why Choosing Right Lens Care Is As Important As Choosing Your Contact Lens? 1

Generally, most people give more emphasis on the contact lenses itself. If you think something isn’t right with your contact lenses, you get it changed. But have you thought it might be due to improper lens care? Lens care has a significant impact on the overall contact lens wearing experience.

Why Choosing Right Lens Care Is As Important As Choosing Your Contact Lens? 2

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However, you will find different lens care and contact lens cleaning solution that differ in how they disinfect and wet your contact lenses. Thus, you must make sure you consult with your eye care specialist about contact lenses and lens care solutions to find what is suitable for your eyes.

Discussing lens care can be just as important as the contact lenses brand as it will increase your awareness and attentiveness to follow the lens care routine and add a layer of protection as the products you will use are prescribed. Read below to determine why choosing the right lens care is as important as choosing your contact lenses.

1. Disinfection Keeps Contact Lenses Safe 

Come to think of it, before the invention of all-in-one peroxide or multi-purpose lens care solutions; contact lens wearers had to use different and separate lens care products such as a cleaner, rinsing solution, and enzymes to keep the contact lenses safe.

Today, you will find a range of multi-purpose lens care solution that effectively be used to clean, rinse and store contact lenses[1]. Additionally, multi-purpose lens care solutions have proven to remove debris, dirt, and even microbes from the contact lenses’ surface, which means the lenses are safe to wear[1].

2. Removes Protein And Lipid Build-Ups

From the tear film, proteins can deposit on to soft contact lenses, which can then attach themselves to the lenses’ surface. Over time, such protein build-ups can damage the contact lenses.

Denatured protein reduces lens wearing comfort, affects vision, and the overall satisfaction of wearing contact lenses. It may also give rise to atopic reactions such as contact lens-induced papillary conjunctivitis or red-eye infections in rare cases. Typically, protein deposits are more prevalent in hydrogel contact lenses than silicone hydrogel soft contact lenses[2].

Gradually, more protein reducing ingredients, such as ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA) or citrate are being used for the formulation of soft, multi-purpose solutions to remove protein build-ups effectively while soaking[3].

3. Lens Care Compliance

Possibly one of the most crucial aspects of contact lens care is how compliant you are with the instructions provided by your eye care specialist regarding cleaning, handling, and storing your contact lenses.

While some people skirt lens care duties deliberately, others may do it absent-mindedly or due to misguidance. Thus, it is necessary that you talk to your eye care specialist about options in daily disposables if the lens care procedure seems like much effort for you. It will help make sure that you don’t comprise with the help of your eyes for not being able to keep up with the lens care regimen.

Non-compliance to the prescribed lens care and wear instructions may give rise to eye infections, irritations, and in some cases, severe eye conditions such as Microbial Keratitis (MK) and vision impairment.

The Way Forward

More often than not, we consider all contact lens cleaning solution and lens care products to be the same. We hope you now know the importance of lens care and why it is crucial to keep your contact lenses clean.

Lens care or contact lens cleaning solutions play a critical role in the overall success of contact lens wear experience. After consulting with your eye care specialist, you can either use the best lens care solution or switch to wearing daily disposable contact lenses as per your preference and suitability.

While you are at it, you can explore popular contact lenses and lens care products from reputable brands like Bausch+Lomb. They are known to provide premium quality products designed with the latest technologies, offer superior lens wearing experience, and are also reasonably affordable. Bausch+Lomb boats of a broad portfolio of different contact lenses for various eye conditions, including astigmatism, presbyopia, and a wide range of power defects.

Similarly, they also provide some of the best lens care solutions such as Bausch+Lomb BioTrue Multi-Purpose Solution, Renu Advanced Formula multipurpose solution and Renu Fresh Multi-Purpose Solution, which effectively helps your clean, rinse, disinfect, and store your contact lenses. Remember to discuss Bausch+Lomb products with your eye care specialist before you use them!

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