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Air Conditioner for Your Home

Air Conditioner for Your Home

Once a part of affluent households, Air conditioners, now, has become a part of a comfortable lifestyle in almost every home. Taking more modern tech, energy efficiency and effects on health into consideration here’s all you need to look out for while selecting an AC on rent for your home.


Before choosing, it is important to select the size of the AC unit. By size, we imply, the cooling capacity. Depending on the area of the room, the cooling capacity has to be determined. The thumb rule being, adding a ton to every 600 square feet of area.

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of any AC is determined by its EER i.e., Energy Efficiency Ratio. Presently, amidst increasing mercury levels and electricity bills, an energy-efficient air conditioner is quite necessary. In India, Air conditioners come with EER, a benchmark set by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Hence, any AC with added stars will utilize lesser electricity compared to one with a lower star rating.

Installation Requirements

A window AC is a compact unit intended to be appended to windows. A split AC, however, has a compressor unit placed outside the house and an indoor unit installed inside the room, specifically designed for better airflow.

Which one to opt for? Split or Window AC? 

It is also crucial to decide whether you want to go for a window AC or a split AC. Though window ACs are a cheaper alternative and simpler to install, Split ACs are not as noisy as Window Acs, and also provide more efficient air distribution. They can be installed in a windowless room as well, but are slightly more expensive than Window ACs.

Indoor Air Quality

This is very crucial while utilizing ACs at home. A well-suited filter is very essential to improve indoor air quality. A good filter not only guarantees clean air but also enhances the cooling performance and energy efficiency of AC by hindering the choking of evaporator due to dust.

Servicing and Maintenance

ACs require periodic servicing to continue operating in the best condition and give excellent performance. Once fitted, there should be routine servicing and maintenance, preferably quarterly.

Is it Inverter-equipped? 

If exorbitant electricity bills are a cause for concern, then an AC equipped with an inverter is the best alternative you can opt for. In conventional air conditioners, the compressor operates at its peak rate or is turned off. This process done mainly to accommodate the temperature variation consumes a lot of power. However, Inverter-equipped air conditioners, when compared to traditional air conditioners, continually regulate the speed of the compressor motor. They are comparatively more efficient than ordinary ACs. Inverter-equipped ACs are also said to have a more steady performance and work best in the longer run.

Additional Features

You can also opt for an AC with a remote and a digital display. This helps a lot in controlling its many features. For instance, it helps in handling the timer mode, which can switch on the air conditioner and switch it off as well as per your preference.

Summarising, Air conditioners are steadily becoming a part of every household. If you are planning to get one, choose wisely based on your budget and need.

ACs, in the longer run, are indeed quite expensive. If you are looking for an even more economical option, get an air cooler on rent.

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