Principles That Drive the Game of Carrom

Principles That Drive the Game of Carrom 1

It is important to understand the principles of the Carrom game to make your game stronger and leverage the principles to your advantage. We will take you through a list of principles that will help you play more effortlessly.

Different Principles Followed in the Carrom Game

There are various important concepts and principles that are directly applied in the carrom , be it carrom online or offline. In case you have been playing carrom for a long time, you probably know about them. Most people often overlook these principles. In case you are someone who wants to understand these principles, we are here to help you out.


Every stroke you play on the board requires force. It is one of the most important aspects of any carrom game. You should play your shots by applying appropriate force to pocket the puck correctly. Even a slight change in force or pressure you use can cost you the turn.

The force you apply directly depends upon the shot you are playing and the pocket in which you are aiming to sink the carrom men. For example, if the coin you want to sink is closer to the pocket, you require less force. However, you will need extra force for pocketing a coin which is away from the pocket.

On the other hand, if you are playing a cut short, you should understand how much force should be applied for pocketing the coin. All this is a question of judgement, and you will slowly realise this with practice. But theoretically speaking, force is one of the important principles of the carrom game.


Another important aspect or principle used in the game of carrom is geometry. Let us explain. Take any shot played on the carrom board, and you will realise that angles are involved in every shot you play. Be it a basic stroke or a cut-and-take shot; the right angle will yield you better results. You can simply say the strokes you play on carrom are like theorems in geometry. You can solve a particular question with a specific theorem in geometry, just like that, a right stroke can help you pocket the pucks on the board. There are n-number of different situations on a carrom board, and only practice can help you understand each one of them.


Count the number of turns you and your opponent will get. The more turns you get, the chances of you winning the board are more. Of course, that is when you use each of your turns efficiently. The fundamental counting says that if you get n+1 turns then your opponent, the chances of you winning is more.

Carrom is a game of skill and calculations. Calculations are not just mathematical, but with respect to angles and risks too. Whenever you are playing carrom, your aim should be to smoothly finish the game. However, the excitement to win the game or to play a hasty shot can ruin the game for you. The principles we just discussed are some of the well-thought ones that have always been useful. If you keep them in mind, you will automatically come a step closer to win your next online carrom game.

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