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Crafting for Mental Health & Stress Management During Lockdown & Beyond

When we consider that like physical health, we all have mental health; we also appreciate it requires maintenance. Just like eating well and regular exercise helps us stay physically healthy, there are accessible ways to stay mentally healthy.

Stress levels continue to rise globally, making mental health maintenance even more critical. In the post, ‘Crafting for Mental Health & Stress Management During Lockdown’ originally featured on the blog, we discuss how creativity can help.

Studies show an art-making activity like crafting reduces stress and improves mental well-being: an area we explore below. We also share a case study highlighting how crafting helped many to cope during the global lockdown.

Learn how to improve your mental health with crafting, how art-making reduces stress and anxiety and helped many cope during the global lockdown. You can find the full context in the original post:

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