What is Malware

What is a malware? Is it a virus? Is it really a threat? What is the whole buzz in the market about a malware? If you are questioning these things, then this infographic is the right place for you to look into. Having a look at this picture will tell you all you need to know about a malware. It is basically the crux of what a malware it. Even if you show this picture to a kid, he or she is bound to understand what a malware is. So this is quite self explanatory and educational to say the least.

This infographic called “What is malware” is extremely useful for those who want to stay protected from all sorts of online threats. Many a times, even without a warning, we become the target of petty online threats which can be easily avoided. This infographic teaches you the basics of the computer virus and therefore it can be easily thwarted off. If you love surfing online a lot and keep buying things online, then it is vital for you to know how this stuff works.

You can save this infographic, visit it as many times as you want. It will leave no doubt in your mind about the threat a malware possesses. But what’s more? It also touches the history of this malware in the first place. It will tell you all there is to know about this malware and how it first came into place. It is undoubtedly a great piece of infographic.


Nice presentation


The font used could’ve been better.

Even though it sounds a little less obnoxious as viruses, malware are no less! In fact they are the super set of those programs that create issues in PCs or Macs. Standing for Malicious software, these self executable programs cause as much problem to the PC as to the users, and this is not it. They keep multiplying at a rate not seen organically and pose a lot of threat to the security of data exchange online as well as to the data stored on solid state media. Your best bet against them is, therefore, to stay active and alert. Do not let them get installed on your PC or you are in for trouble. For this, you can try reliable anti-malware programs that keep such programs off the limits.


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