How To Make A Relationship More Romantic


Sometimes we’re all so busy with our lives that we simply forget about the most important things – to spend time with the loved ones. And not just stay together because of habit, but actually be there for each other. Unfortunately, the crazy pace of life and daily grind are capable of draining even the most ardent relationships. But it’s never too late to start changing the way of things. You’ve made the right choice when you decided to add more romantics in your everyday life. It’s not as difficult as some may think – just follow the advice below. We have gathered this information thanks to our friends from read more about dating rules in Russia

Try to avoid topics about work. Of course, it’s really tempting to start complaining to each other about your tough working day, and how you were annoyed by your boss’s attitude. The impact of these kinds of evening conversations is not really appealing to the romantic mood. Instead, choose topics such as planning your next weekend, or share your thoughts and dreams about the future. Don’t underestimate a simple heart-to-heart talk – it helps to establish intimacy and get closer to each other.

Play games. Invent your own game. For example, it can be a quest with clues to find a place where you meet next time you go out. During the day send instructions on the phone or email with hints or a map so your partner could find you. To make it more exciting, choose a place you’ve never been before together, somewhere cozy and obscure.

Get a song for your relationship. If you still don’t have a song which reminds you of each other, immediately get one. You can play it on special occasions. Either romantic or fun – it’s your choice. In the future every time you hear the song, you’ll think of your loved one.

Spend some quality time together. It’s important to unplug all the devices, especially phones, when you’re together so that nothing could interfere with your romantic plans. You deserve to have a few hours alone – the world can wait. If you’re at home, turn off the light and use candles to create an intimate ambiance.

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The simpler, the better. Who said that you always have to come up with a grand gesture to be romantic? You can’t make expensive gifts or cook a delicious dinner every day, but you can make seemingly small things to bring more romantics in your relationships. For example, write little messages to each other on a fridge board. This way, every time someone enters the kitchen there will be a romantic line waiting to be read. It really brightens the mood.

Make every day of the week special. You can’t schedule love, it would kill the mood. For instance, some couples decide to have a romantic evening every Wednesday, and that’s when they devote time to each other. But what about the rest of the week? Living side by side and pretending like you’re just roommates is not good enough. Break these traditions. Make every day count. Or at least don’t control these things and go with the flow.

Recreate your past. Do you remember where you first met, or where you spent the most unforgettable moments together? Regardless of how far it is, go there with your significant other and try to recreate all the events. Think of some details from that period – you can even dress similarly. It’s up to you – the more it would resemble the past scene, the better.

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You don’t have to strictly follow all these tips – feel free to come up with your own ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Just give it a try and you will see how your relationships are changing, or even start to resemble those from happy days when you first met each other. And remember, what goes around comes around. Your partner will be grateful for all your efforts and definitely surprise you with an impressive response.


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