How to Make Money While Travelling to These Special Places in India

Make Money while Traveling
Make Money while Travelling

Don’t we all love to go on holidays? India has a lot to offer for those bitten by travel bugs – sparkling seas, breath-taking mountains, deserts, ancient historical sites, and plateaus. Now, if you could also make money while travelling, then it’s truly icing on the cake! An interesting and fun way of making money is by playing games online on platforms such as Royal Panda. Check out plenty of Royal Panda reviews online to understand how this online casino operates and the various bonuses you can take advantage of. Also, there are plenty more ways to earn money from gaming. You can also qualify to a championship of different mobile games. For example, on 28th July 2019 there was a Fortnite tournament – the winner, only 16 years old, took 3,000,000$ home

Special places to visit in India

Tourist Places to Visit in India

India has a rich cultural heritage and diverse places for you to explore and be mesmerized. Here is a list of a few places one could consider when making travel plans –

Kashmir – Kashmir is very aptly named as heaven on Earth. The valley is known for its enchanting natural beauty where every corner will captivate you. One would find in the valley lush fields, meadows, vibrant flowers, and snow-clad peaks.

Ladakh – Are you a fan of trekking and adventure? Then Ladakh is surely the place for you. It has everything from glacial lakes to mountain passes to some of the highest peaks in the country which will leave you spellbound.

Varanasi – India is well known for its culture and spirituality, and if one is inclined to explore concepts of spirituality, a trip to Varanasi can be enlightening. This city is also called the city of “Moksha”.  One can also witness the beauty of the Ganga river here.

Sunderbans – Are you an animal lover who wants to get the feeling of being one with nature? You can see rare species birds chirping, lions roaring and other wildlife at Sunderbans. This mangrove forest is also very picturesque and scenic.

How to Make Money while Travelling

The places to see in India are not limited to the places listed above. India is a country that one could explore all their life and still not be done. Making money while travelling is a dream for many and it can be done in more ways than one.

You could document your journey by blogging or vlogging online about their experience. One can make money through advertisers and sponsors in the hospitality industry. You could try your hand at podcasting or writing and selling books online while travelling; many travellers have made money through such avenues.

You could also render your services on websites like Freelancer and Upwork by taking on Freelancing projects. If photography is one of your hobbies, you could turn it into a lucrative business and sell pictures to travel outlets.

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