Are You Losing Patients?

Yes, we need everything to go faster and are frustrated when things are not done quickly so we are indeed losing patience. Oh wait, the “Are You Losing Patients?” infographic refers to the other homonym. Actually, we are not in the medical profession so we do not have any patients to lose.

However, what is more disconcerting than the billing of “healthcare” is of “healthcare” itself, which has devolved into mandatory medical insurance. As such, there are very high deductibles which often prevent the medical attention that people need. There is also the allowance for pre-existing medical conditions, brought about primarily through smoking and obesity. These people began their descent into ill health many years ago (on average), and now because of the “Affordable” “Care” Act and its high deductibles are unable to obtain the care needed, and which everybody (by the very nature of “Affordable” “Care”) is now paying for.

Another infographic that we have seen recently stated that overweight Americans are paying more than $1,400 more in annual medical attention. This amount has undoubtedly increased many times more now that government bureaucrats have to be paid, as well.

It seems as if billing should be the very least of anybody’s worries when going to see the doctor. An often reported fact is that iatrogenic causes are the third leading causes of death in the United States (the top two being heart disease and cancer). It appears that we ought to fear the doctor himself or herself, not the bill of the doctor.

Likes: This is once again a good example of a thought-provoking and informative infographic.

Dislikes: None.

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