Living Healthy With Diabetes

Living Healthy With Diabetes

Living Healthy With Diabetes

Diabetes is quite prevalent and presently affects 62 million Indians which makes 7.2 % of the adult population. Diabetes is a life-threatening disease but only if you are not taking appropriate measures. Yes, you heard that right you can live adequately despite being diagnosed with diabetes but with some precautions.

What causes diabetes?

Diabetes usually depends on you having a family history of the same along with some health and environmental factors. It can be concluded that there is no particular cause for diabetes as the cause changes depending upon the individual and the type.

For example: In case of diabetes type 1, it is an autoimmune condition where pancreas is unable to produce insulin and in case of type 2 diabetes body is in resistance to insulin.

Effect of diabetes 

Diabetes affects your body’s ability to produce or use insulin, an important hormone that allows your body to turn glucose into energy. Whatever you eat or drink, your body will break down carbohydrates from the food into glucose which further breaks down to produce energy. For this process, your pancreas needs to produce insulin.

If you have diabetes, your pancreas either produces too little insulin or none at all which will lead to a variety of problems.

What increases the risk?

Common factors that can increase the risk in people’s life with diabetes are:

  1. Obesity or overweight.
  2. High sugar, salt and fat diet.
  3. Excess smoking.
  4. Low physical activity.
  5. High-stress level.

Tips to Live healthy with diabetes

Here are the important tips that you can follow in order to keep your diabetes in check.

  1. Healthy diet 

This is the easiest yet most important point that should be followed. Keep in mind that the best diet is the one with a low level of sugar and proper fiber content. Green leafy vegetables, eggs, chia seeds, turmeric, yoghurt, broccoli and nuts should be included in your diet. For more information consult your doctor or dietician.

  1. Take medicine

It is shocking how many people get the medicine prescribed by their doctor but simply they don’t take it or alter them according to their preferences. But medicine is the best way a person can control his sugar level. You can save your time by just ordering medicines online and that too at an affordable price by using Pharmeasy coupons. You can easily upload your prescription online and get your medicines accordingly.

  1. Exercise and yoga

Physical activity and exercise are helpful for everyone but it is a kind of a necessity for a diabetic person. Yoga is an effective method to control sugar level with minimum time spent. According to doctors, one should get at least 30-40 minutes of exercise daily for a healthy and fit lifestyle which includes brisk walking simple sit-ups and some more exercise. If you don’t have time you can choose yoga, consult a professional for the same.

  1. Avoid consumption of alcohol 

Many doctors advise reducing the consumption of alcohol for a diabetic person. It can suddenly increase the sugar level in blood and cause many problems. Instead you can take red wine as according to American Diabetes Association, red wine can have a positive effect for people having type 2 diabetes.

  1. Quit smoking 

Studies have already suggested that smoking causes death. For a diabetic person risk increases even more because nicotine causes your blood vessels to harden and further narrowing which leads to restricted flow of blood around the body.

  1. Managing Stress

Stress can be a difficult factor to control but it needs to be taken care of. Stress not only impacts a person’s well-being by diminishing energy levels, it can also trigger unhealthy responses like over-eating, excessive drinking, etc which can be hazardous.

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  1. Thank you for sharing it. I have read that Bitter gourd also contains an insulin-like compound called Polypeptide-p or p-insulin which has been shown to control diabetes naturally. If possible we need to include in the diet in moderation. And exersize is the key.


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