Language of Love

Language of Love 1

Valentines’ Day is arriving soon!!!What are your plans to propose your loved one, guys?? Confused?? Don’t be. We are there to help you!! Avoid being a bore to your dear love, do things which sweeps him/her away with love which he/she has never witnessed.

Buy exciting gifts or rather prepare one coz self-made gifts are worthy enough to show the love of your life, their importance to you. A great standby is always to order flowers online and have them delivered to her office.

You must have heard the phrase “Action speaks louder than words”, this time around you need to reverse it. Words should speak louder than your actions. Surprise our loved ones by proposing them with those three magical words not ordinarily. Try something extra-ordinary. You might be thinking how??

Look into the infographic below by which shows you how to propose your loved one in different languages spoken all over the world. Select any one or two of these languages and propose him/her like never before!!It’s OK if your loved one do not react or rejects, but he/she will definitely find your proposal different and worth appreciating.

So do have a look at this fantastic crafted infographic and get ready to be loved!!!ALL THE BEST!!

Language of Love


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