Everything You Should Know About Online Slots in India


Slots were devised in the year 1894 and the reason why it became one of the most prominent casino games is the presence of exciting themes, undeniable replay value and its uncomplicated nature. Slots machines have gone through a quick transformation. Slot machine games have been a part of the gambling industry for a very long time and with the help of technology, they fulfilled the journey from slot machines to online slots. The main aim was to enhance the betting experience of punters. You can play Crazy Time and check it.

No matter if you are an amateur and have no idea about the rules and regulations, slots online are super easy to learn and are very entertaining.

Why are best online slots so popular in Indian casinos?

Slot machines were able to endure the blow of time accompanied by the transformation from offline to online pretty smoothly. There are various factors that contributed to the popularity of slots online. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

  • Slot Machines are based on luck

Slot machines are loved by so many players particularly because it is a game of chance and requires no skill. The result depends on your luck and you cannot apply any prominent strategy to assure your win. This is why players who do not want to invest their time and energy in learning the rules of a particular game like blackjack, are more inclined towards slot machine games.

  • High Payout Ratio

Every punter plays with an intention to win and with online slots for real money, players can win up to 1000x the amount of their wager. The lucrative nature of the best online slots makes them so appealing to all the players.

  • Distinctive gameplay

When it comes to the look and feel of online slots, the implementation of unique gameplay comes easily in comparison to other casino games. However, mostly all casino games have something idiosyncratic to offer. The unique gameplay can include a new reel layout, multi-level bonus feature, a wild symbol, etc. Players will always experience something different and boredom never strikes.

  • Great Packaging

Nowadays slot machines are created with a concept in mind which can be anything from entertainment to sports and movie themes. The slot machine operators in order to create a captivative experience for their players put money into exclusive graphics along with super cool audio effects. The amazing themes and audio have helped online slots to maintain their popularity. Players can be related to them and that is why love to invest in online slot machine games.

How does the best online slot machine works?

Outwardly, the functioning of online slots might appear apparent. The player wagers and spins. The reel then stops at a point. If the player is lucky enough the machine displays the winning combination. This has been made possible due to consistent technological developments in the field of iGaming. Online slots are a fusion of two components: The Random Number Generator also known as RNG and the Return To Player (RTP) value. Let’s understand both the components.

  • Random Number Generator

Presently, online slot machine operators take the help of software called Random Number Generators to ensure that the results of online slots are fair. The RNG software makes sure that all the outcomes are random as well as independent.

This led to enhanced players’ belief in slot machines as RNG software would make sure that results are fair. The use of RNG software also eliminated the gambler’s misconception that the outcome is repeatedly the same.

  • Return to player percentage

RTP percentage refers to the amount a slot gives back to the players in the form of rewards. It is because of the house edge that, the return to player percentage is never 100%.

House edge is the upper hand of the casino over the player and is opposite to RTP.

  • Pay Lines

Pay Lines holds great importance as it concludes the winnings. It refers to the line that administers payment on the basis of the winning combination.

Slot machines majorly offer 9-30 pay lines. If a player selects a game with 15 pay lines, he/she will have 15 chances to win. It’s their choice to go straight, diagonal or zig-zag over the reels. The reward can be triggered by any of the pay lines. It is not important for the symbols to be adjacent to each other.

Types of Online Slots

A variety of online slots are available for the players. It is of utmost importance that players introduce themselves to the types of online slots before making any decisions. The type of slot you choose to invest your time and money in should be in sync with your bankroll. Let’s learn about them below:

  • Classic slots

Classic slots have 3 reels and it has been observed that they mostly use symbols like 7s, diamonds and fruit bars. Classic slots are fast-moving and they go about without any bonus features. This type of slot is recommended for those who aren’t tech-savvy and prefer simplicity over new themes. The simple design works best for someone who is new to online slots.

  • Video slots

With five or more reels, video slots offer strong topic-specific content accompanied by audiovisual effects and graphics of the finest quality. What needs a special mention is the fact that the technology used in the best online slots is up-to-date and a large number of available slot games are in this category.

  • Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are famous because they offer great payouts. The reason why they are called progressive slots is that the jackpot maximizes with every game that is played but not won. Anytime a player places a bet, money is added to the jackpots. It is important to mention that progressive jackpots do not offer consistent wins with an intention to balance out the prospective of someone winning a huge prize.

  • Branded slots

Branded slots are fairly new to the iGaming arena. These slots support themes formulated by television personalities, rock bands and movies. One big pro about branded slots is that they provide better winning opportunities than any other type of slot.

  • Interactive slots

Interactive slots gained popularity because of their remarkable contribution to the advancement of slots. Interactive slots support multiple reels along with a multi-payline format making them different from other slots. By using the narrative offered by interactive slots, players can enhance their online slot experience by using their current smartphones.

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Choose the right online slot

If you are a beginner and want to have the best online slot experience, it is important that you choose the right casino. Selecting the right casino will make all the difference. Make a point to choose a site that is licensed and regulated by an esteemed gaming authority. Check whether the website uses appropriate technology. This is the only way to have a safe and secure experience.


Slots have progressed in a million ways since the casino went online. The number of online slots India increased and the quality of graphics improved resulting in a staggering overall user experience. Slots top the list of most desired online casino games because they involve low risk and are easy to learn. If you are a beginner, this guide will surely give you a great headstart.

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