How Big Is E-commerce Industry

Now that everything has become digital, most of the users shop online, even for small grocery items. This has made the ecommerce companies a massive hit. The profits gained by any ecommerce company selling items online are huge, by default. In this infographic titled, “How Big Is E-commerce Industry” you will see why people prefer to shop online.

Shopping online saves time, fuel, there is no crowd to deal with, you can compare prices easily, get the best deals, use coupons, and also get free shipping with just one click. You will also have fair return policies just in case you receive damaged goods. A few ecommerce companies also let you use their products for some time and return them with money back policy if you are not satisfied.

Ecommerce companies are seeing steady growth by 10% every year. Sales and revenue generated by any ecommerce company easily reaches a billion dollars. According to this infographic, an ecommerce could see an increase in profits by 19% by the year 2015 and the profits could be earned in trillion dollars. U.S has the maximum number of online consumers who purchase most of their items online than go grocery shopping, physically. Consumers of all ages prefer online shopping as it is easy and convenient.


Profits gained by ecommerce companies and an insight into consumer behavior.


Useful for people interested in ecommerce business. Might not interest a normal consumer as they wouldn’t be interested in the profits or losses that happen within an ecommerce company.

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