10 Important Tips to Win Teenpatti Online



Teen Patti has always been a favorite game of many in an online casino. So, have you been taking an interest in the game lately but failing to secure a winning hand? There are a lot of things that you might be doing wrong. So, here are the important tips to win Teen Patti online.

1 Begin Small

Consider the long run while playing Teen Patti to maximize your wins. Place small bets initially and raise those bets gradually. It will help you in stretching the bankroll and trying more hands. Your prospects of winning increase as you play more hands – plain and simple. This strategy is for both beginners and pros so that they do not drain all the bankroll in a few hands.

2 Play Blind

Playing blind adds the spice to online gambling. Play blinds as much as the discretion and bankroll allow. By doing so, you can raise the stakes for other players. With the stakes being high, the players allow their emotions to take over. They become easy to read. The ones with a weaker hand will fold, which gets them out of the equation.

3 No Bad Cards

Teen Patti does not have bad cards. The game is mainly about guessing the cards of the competitors. Players tend to behave recklessly at times – increasing bets or folding too quickly. There are times when players will fold even when they have a better hand than the others. And this gives you the chance to win the round even with low or inferior cards.

4 Keep Practicing Teen Patti Online

In online Teen Patti, you will have to edge past the competitors with your confidence and skills. Such traits need practice – there are no other ways to gain them. Your gaming awareness will increase the more you keep practicing. Your execution and strategy will be better. The adage – “practice makes a man perfect” – holds in Teen Patti. So, now would be a good time to play a round of Teen Patti online.

5 Don’t Let Emotions Get in the Way

Emotions get in the way of rational thoughts, and that leads to some rather regretful choices. Maybe you will bet excessively with weaker cards by simply being too complacent or fold too early because you are scared of losing. Thus, emotions and online gambling do not go hand-in-hand. Let rationality take charge and keep your emotions in check. If the emotions are overwhelming you, take a break from the game.

6 Do not be Predictable

Predictability will affect your chances of winning in Teen Patti. Other players will be able to figure out your patterns of playing pretty quickly. Maybe you tend to give up too fast with bad cards and go on raising the stakes with a stronger hand. When your competitors figure these nuances out, you will lose the advantage. The key to success in this game is to remain enigmatic.

7 Sideshows can help

You need to make the most of sideshows to have a better shot at winning. After all, the game has this feature for a reason. Keep in mind that this move will only be helpful when you are sure that you have better cards than the one you’re asking for the sideshow. If you have a weak hand and you ask for a sideshow, you will end up revealing your cards. As mentioned before, you will lose the unpredictability by doing this.

8. Make the Most of Bonuses

Casinos offering online Teen Patti have a wide range of bonuses. These are free money and money-saving ways to get to play the game at that casino. You will find sticky bonuses, clear play bonuses, and cashable bonuses. Such bonuses reduce your betting expense and make sure you can play the game for a longer time. So, before you start playing, check the bonuses on offer.

9 Manage your Bankroll

If you have a larger bankroll, it will be easier for you to absorb the losses and have a long run at the game. Of course, your chances of winning increase as you play the game more. Thus, it is important to keep a hand on your bankroll if you want to improve your chances. Start by setting a limit to which you will bet and make sure not to exceed that limit under any circumstance. If you bet responsibly, you will play for a longer duration.

10 Observe the round after folding

There is a lot to learn from how others are playing. So, just because you have folded does not mean you should stop paying attention to the game. There are cues to tell you about different styles of gaming.

It is time to play a round of Teen Patti and test out these tips for yourself. You will fare better this time.

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