I am PIMPLE & my remedy is very SIMPLE.


I am Pimple,

& I am famous to ruin your perfect Dimple..


I always come without a prior Notice,

& I am the reason that you become self Critic..


I have no schedule; I am free to roam,

& I am the reason you stay behind shut Doors..


Its a secret that my remedy is so Simple,

Healthy skin & body is the only key to no Pimple…


As poetic & easy it may sound, pimple & simple are the two words that usually doesn’t exist in same dictionary. Pimple & nightmare, yeah that two goes hand in hand. The moment you stare at the mirror, the pimple/acne stares right back at you & there goes your self-esteem and self-confidence out of the window. Uffff.

Why pimple always wins? Welllll.. Above all the reason of the millennium, the hands down winner is “Who’s got the f###*** time?” Our schedule is so tight & round the clock that we never get time to look after our skin. The “Baap” of all excuses is “I don’t get paid like super stars just to look good”. Haa haaa.

Arghhh!!! Enough is Enough!! Enough of these excuses. I have come up with a war plan, step by step. Its gonna be a Do or Die. Yeah I mean that’s the first step to kill the enemy, be a little dramatic. 😉

So now what we’re going to do is learn step by step, ‘A to Z’ about pimple. We will get our facts clear, we will finish with the reasoning & also we will fade the enemy with Do’s & Don’ts.

(Note*: Well I am a pointer person. My brain registers it quickly if it’s a pointer & not a big lengthy paragraph)


So the facts:

1. Even if we deny, a pimple holds a power to ruin our day more than it should be credited to.

2. Nowadays pimple is not a phenomenon which happens only to 13-25 yrs old. Yeah!!! My doctor said much to my displeasure “Adult Pimples”. Adult? Who me? Ohhh ok…

3. Pimple remedy is simple: Periods.

4. And here is not so fancy fact.

– Pimple is formed when Sebaceous glands under the skin’s layer gets infected with bacteria and the pore gets clogged.


source: akitarescueoftulsa.com


Now let’s start with reasoning:

1. Body heat

2. Oily skin

3. Frequent change of skin products

4. Pollution

5. Stress

6. Inadequate hydration

7. Upset stomach

8. Dandruff


Now that we know who we are actually fighting against, half the battle is won. So the Do’s & Don’ts..!



1. Drink lots of water

2. Exercise regularly to reduce the stress & stay healthy

3. Find a suitable product for your skin & stick to it.

4. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize thrice a day

5. Use scarf while travelling

6. Eat healthy

7. If suffering with dandruff use required shampoo



1. Don’t be impatient & keep changing a product

2. Avoid oily food

3. Don’t pop the pimple


These remedies are to develop healthy pimple free skin. It’s a lifestyle and lifetime change.

But as we all know how stubborn a pimple can be, if you still get one or two pimples then don’t worry. Use Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash. It’s my proven & effective measure. A girl’s best friend & pimple’s enemy. It cures the red zit of pimple which shows off as the brightest part on your face, leaving no scars. Also it provides faster results, at least faster than my phone..! Haa Haa..!

Aur Garnier kya kehta hai hamesha?…. Take Care! 

Now that we know how to win a battle against pimple, i am going to tell you something much more important. We definitely should work towards a healthier skin & look presentable. But a pimple is nothing if you know a little secret. Always remember you are Special, Unique & Beautiful. “Beautiful inside out”. Your confidence & compassion are more valuable assets than your Beauty. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, as god’s creation we all are beautiful. All we need to do is, keep this little secret always close to our heart.


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