How to Use an Inhaler?



Asthma is a chronic inflammatory illness of the respiratory system that presents itself in attacks of varying severity of symptoms that may be more or less frequent depending on the individual. In case you have been diagnosed with asthma, your doctor may prescribe an inhaler for you to use. While there are many types of inhalers, your doctor would prescribe the one best suited to your needs. Inhalers are used to treat different types of respiratory illnesses like Asthma and COPD. Therefore, for the therapy to be successful, you must be aware of how to properly use the device.

The Inhalation Route and the Duration of Inhalation

The inhaled method offers many benefits over the oral route, including the following:

The active principle (drug contained in the inhaler) works extremely quickly: it is deposited immediately on the level of the bronchi and makes it possible to alleviate an attack in a matter of seconds after it has been administered to the patient.

Because the given dosage is smaller than the amount provided through the oral route, the drug’s adverse effects are reduced. The percentage of active principle that reaches the level of the bronchi is between 10 and 15 per cent. So how to use an inhaler?

The Act of Taking a Breath

In all instances, and regardless of the kind of inhaler used, the following is true:

Exhale deeply and then turn on the inhaler, take a few deep breaths in. Hold your breath for 10 seconds if feasible, since your lungs will be swelling as a result of the therapy. After using inhaled corticosteroids, rinse your mouth with mouthwash or water to avoid developing a hoarse voice or developing a yeast infection. The fungus that causes the infection is normally found in your mouth, throat and digestive tract but does not cause problems. Corticosteroids deposited in the mouth and throat may weaken immunity in this area and cause yeast infection. Rinsing the mouth helps prevent this from happening.

Advice on the Proper Use of Inhalers in General

After each usage, wipe off the surface with a soft cloth to ensure that all traces of saliva are removed. Refer to the package insert for instructions on how to clean your inhaler device. Make a tight seal around the mouthpiece with your lips. In order for the active material to settle in the lungs, you should hold your breath for as long as you possibly can (10 seconds). If you are taking inhaled corticosteroids, rinse your mouth thoroughly. Keep track of your captures in a logbook to prevent making any mistakes.

What you need to know is to find out what kind of inhaler has been given to you, check the package insert of your medication. Also, see below for the various ways based on the type of inhaler prescribed.

Make Use of an Inhaler with Metered Dosage Setting

Metered-dose inhalers are one of the most commonly used types. During manufacturing, a metal cartridge is used to package the active principle. The dosage of medicine is released by pressing down on the cartridge. On pressing the pump, a specific quantity of medicine is dispensed from the Inhaler.

Although the above methods simply explain the correct ways of using an inhaler, it is always advised to consult a doctor before using an inhaler.

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