Happy Teacher’s Day Whisky – The Unsung Friend

Happy Teacher’s Day Whisky

On this Teacher’s Day, let us go ahead and appreciate the other teacher (s) in our life, who have been our partner for numerous sessions and parties. One particular teacher we would like to talk about is Teacher’s Whisky!

Teacher’s is an immensely popular blended Scotch brand in India and other Asian countries. In fact the brand shares such history and affection with India, they released the Teacher’s 50, one of their highly rated expressions to commemorate and honor India’s 50th year of Independence in 1997.

According to Wikipedia, Teacher’s Highland Cream is a brand of blended Scotch whisky produced in Glasgow, Scotland, by Beam Suntory, the US-headquartered subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Osaka, Japan. The Teacher’s Highland Cream brand was registered in 1884.

A blend of malt and grain whiskies in a 50:50 proportion, the Teacher’s 50 was an interesting reveal by the brand that resonated well with Indian whisky drinkers who were already fond of the brand.

India is a crucial market for whisky, and the revered Scotch whisky, for many a ‘special occasion drink’ makes up a sizeable chunk of it. Alongside the Teacher’s 50 whisky, the Indian whisky market maintains a raging popularity for blended Scotch whiskies no matter the economic spectrum they belong to. Premium and luxury blended Scotch whisky brands such as Ballantine’s, Chivas Regal and Johnnie Walker continue to be in high demand among Indian whisky drinkers.

Here is the entire portfolio of Teachers in India

Teacher’s Highland Cream

This rich amber color whisky with yellow highlights is a crowd favorite. It is a peaty whisky with fruity flavors of apples, pears and heavy honey. This blended whisky has a smooth finish.

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Teacher’s 50

Created to celebrate India’s 50th year of Independence, this whisky has robust notes of pear and a warming and silky texture. The finish is long and spicy, leaving drinkers wanting for more.

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Teacher’s Origin

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This blended whisky is the most premium offering from Teacher’s. This blend has over 65% single malt composition, i.e. in 100ml; 65ml is single malt while others are premium blends. It has an apple flavor.

If you’re not fond of teachers, here are some alternative famous whisky brands in India from a curated list in and around the same price range:

Ballantine’s Finest

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One of the best whisky brands under 3000, this blended whisky is a favorite amongst bartenders and professionals due to its ability to be the perfect base liquor for a scrumptious cocktail. The whisky has a slight taste of vanilla, chocolate and red apple. This light gold whisky has a spicy ending.

Chivas Regal 12

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An entry-level whisky from the world’s most recognizable and versatile scotch brand. The brand is synonymous with luxury, indulgence and opulence. This blend is called Chivas Regal 12, because the minimum age of the blends used is it is for 12 years.

The Glenlivet 12

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The single malt that is said to have started it all, the Glenlivet 12 is an impressive single malt whisky available at this price point. Bottled in Scotland, this scotch brand has a historic importance and is a phenomenon worldwide.

Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt

monkey shoulder whisky

The new kid on the block, Monkey Shoulder is a blend that was born to challenge convention and change the way that people think about and drink Scotch. This whisky has its affinity towards the new millennials.

100 Pipers Reserve

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This classic from Seagram is a brand worldwide with success whichever shore it ships to. It has been a consistent top whisky choice in Asia, South America and parts of Africa.

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