What Happens on Facebook in a Minute

What Happens In A Facebook Minute

We have studied in high school that the three basic needs of human are food, clothing and shelter. But now the time has arrived when the fourth need is being added to it, none other then “FACEBOOK”. Now days, people are just stuck to this social networking site for hours chatting, updating profiles, sharing pictures etc. Not only youngsters but also the oldies are quite active on Facebook.

Research says around 757 million people log on to Facebook. But the question arises what exactly they do? Precisely what activities they perform on it? The answers to all these are given in an infographic named “A Facebook Minute”. The infographic gives a wider look at what exactly happens on Facebook in a single minute.

The decoding of the Facebook activities in a single minute are finely placed and made easily understandable in the infographic. According to the infographic, various activities are being performed on Facebook in a minute like approximately 243,055 photos are uploaded, 500 accounts are added, more than $11,500 are made, over 30,000 items shared, around 14,000 applications are installed, over 100,000 friends are requested.

Also 150,00 messages are sent, 418 compromised logins are seen, there are around 3,125,000 likes, over 15,277,777 likes and share buttons are viewed from another websites, 323 days of YouTube videos are viewed on Facebook and around 50,000 links are shared. These numbers of activities performed in just a single minute, so just imagine the numbers of these activities in a hour or even a day.

Quite mesmerizing!! The infographic is definite work of intensive research to get accurate numbers of activities in one minute. The structuration of the infographic is so particular that it makes the reader to understand the activities well.

The highlight of the infographic is that the activities are listed every 5 seconds interval which gives the clear idea of the whole one minute.Also this made the look of the infographic very attractive This infographic has been provided by SumoCoupon.com.

What Happens on Facebook in a Minute

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