Know Hacks for Ordering Dresses Online

Know Hacks for Ordering Dresses Online 1

Know Hacks for Ordering Dresses Online 2

Buying dresses online comes with the advantage of choosing from a wide range of global brands that were otherwise unreachable. With the hectic lifestyle and the restrictions imposed due to pandemic, online shopping has become the new norm. Remember the days when online shopping had just arrived? Most of the time, we didn’t get what we saw, or even if we did get, they weren’t the right fit. We were unaware of the nuances of online shopping then, but we’ve come a long way since then, and now online shopping for dresses has become a seamless experience. Here are some hacks that would ensure that you get that perfect dress every time you buy dresses online.

Why is online shopping better, and how to make the most out of it?

Online shopping saves a lot of time and energy by allowing us to browse through an infinity of dresses at any time—no waiting outside the trial rooms, no lengthy queues at the billing counter, not to mention the attractive offers, discounts, and the hassle-free return and replacement process. You can order the dresses during your commute to the office or back home.

Know your body type and measurement

When you buy dresses online, make sure you are aware of your body measurements and type (explore more). Use a tape measure and measure the key areas like waist, hips, bust, shoulders, etc. Please be careful whether the size is mentioned in the US or UK size. Some brands suggest buying one size bigger than your usual size preference. Make sure to read the size suggestions, if any.

Read the product information

To ensure that you receive exactly what you see on the screen, go through all the information given in visual, graphic, or text form. Always read about the fabric type and care instructions.

For hot and humid weather, cotton, linen, rayon, Chambray, and denim are considered the best, while for the winters, wool, fleece, fur, and faux fur are preferred. While most dresses are hand/machine wash, some dresses (mostly silk) are delicate wash or dry clean only. These tender dresses will definitely be damaged if you wash at home with harsh detergents. Thus, burning a hole in your pocket. A little alertness can save you a substantial amount of money.

Return, replacement, and refund policy 

Your dreamy shopping experience might turn into a nightmare if you ignore the return and replacement policy details. Most of the time, certain dress categories like socks and lingeries are non-returnable. So make sure you read the entire information regarding return & replacement in its entirety, including the valid period for returning the item. Also, be careful while choosing the mode of return of money.

Pro tips:

  • While trying the dress for the first time, keep the labels intact in case you might wanna return it.
  • Do not hesitate to contact customer care. Nowadays, almost every online shopping platform has a Facebook page too. I have personally tried them, and surprisingly they are swift in solving any product related issue.
  • Always read customer reviews and ratings. Also, do not forget to give your own reviews, whether good or bad, as this would help other customers.
  • While shopping for dresses, make sure you make room for them in the closet by donating the clothes you no longer wear.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips will come handy the next time you shop for dresses online. Happy shopping!

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