Glucksspiele in Europa

The gambling industry is on the rise, not only in Europe, but also worldwide, and that is not surprising. Especially since the invention of the Internet and the first online gambling platforms and casinos is a big boom in the industry. But gambling is by no means a new-fangled invention!

The history of this division is already thousands of years old. The first evidences which point to gambling are already found among the ancient Greeks and Romans, several hundred years B.C. The first location you can rightly see as a casino was in the 17th century in Italy.

Around this time, the beginnings of many table games such as blackjack, roulette and some later poker are also widely used. But these ancient times of primitive predecessors of today’s exciting games are long gone – we have now arrived in the Internet age! And that means that you can really gamble from anywhere. And for nearly 15 years, thanks to live casinos, both sides of gambling have been able to unite: play from home and still sit together with other players at a real table! No wonder, then, that this industry is worth trillions of dollars.

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