Get Ready for Your Next Trip With Ease

Get Ready for Your Next Trip With Ease

It’s that time of year again: vacation time! You’ve worked hard all year to earn these two weeks off and you are going to make the most of them no matter what. Of course, you are probably already in vacation mode weeks before your vacation actually starts.

Most people can’t help but start day dreaming of long, lazy days near the beach or plowing down some roller-coaster at a popular theme park. Whatever your vacation looks like, you need to have a strategy in place to make your departure as smooth as possible. We’re not talking about your flight departure; we’re talking about your departure from your house and life for two solid weeks!

Here is a list of tips to help you get ready for your trip.

  1. Figure out what to do with pets: are you going to board them or have someone come in and feed them and care for them?
  2. Make time to clean a little bit of your house everyday before you depart. You’ll want to check out the best steam mop reviews to help you choose a mop that will keep your floors shining like new while you are away. There’s nothing better than coming home to  a clean house after a well deserved vacation.
  3. Hide all of your valuables, or put them in a safe deposit box. Leaving your home empty for two weeks can be a dangerous invitation for intruders. Don’t risk your valuables in the event that your home is invaded. Better yet, ask a friend to check on the place every few days and make sure your security system is working properly.
  4. Drink the milk! Remember last time you came home to stinky, smelly milk in the fridge because you didn’t drink it! Don’t make that mistake this time. Make sure you start telling everyone to drink the milk before you leave.
  5. Clean the fridge out. Just like the milk, don’t leave thawed meat or fruits in your fridge. They will just turn green. While Dr. Suess may have liked green eggs and ham, real life people do not enjoy them.
  6. Change the bedsheets. One of the best feelings in the world is to crawl into a freshly made bed. Don’t be lazy on your way out the door on the day of your vacation; take time to change your bedsheets and make your bed so you can return home and plunk into bed. This is especially helpful if you are coming home late at night and will want to just crawl into bed.
  7. Remember to set the automatic timers on outdoor lights. You don’t want your house sitting dark for two weeks.
  8. Make sure your car is locked if it is going to be sitting in the driveway. Or, a better idea is to ask a friend to take your car and drive it a few times a week so it doesn’t sit idol.
  9. Take out the trash. Don’t leave it sitting for two weeks. Imagine what that will smell like!

Use this list to help you get ready for your next trip. You’ll feel prepared and won’t be worrying about the fact that food is rotting in the fridge or your garbage can stinking up the house. A little planning goes a long way when it comes to getting ready for your next family vacation. Bon voyage!

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