Get on Board! Luxury Cruises in Numbers

The size of today’s luxury cruise ships means that they are more like towns rather than ships – more akin to floating resorts, with the worlds largest cruise ships taking 6,300 passengers and crew. On board these floating leviathans there are shopping malls, zip lines, aqua parks, water coasters, carousels, surf simulators, rock climbing walls and more – not to mention grand theatres and incredible west-end style shows.

To build these massive ships is not cheap either – with new cruise ships costing typically US$500m right up to over US$1 billion. Of course it takes a lot of food to keep all the passengers and crew going, with Cunard’s Queen Victoria guests guzzling 2,000 bottle of bubbly on one cruise!

That’s a lot of corks popping! See our cruise infographic for more fun facts and figures.

Luxury cruises Infographic

LUXURY CRUISES IN NUMBERS – An infographic by the team at Luxury Cruises in number

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