Father’s Day Dad Dancing Guide

Father's Day Dad Dancing Guide 1

It’s well documented fact that something mysterious happens when men become dads: a deep-seated need to click, point, and shimmy around the dance floor reveals itself, along with a certain satisfaction in embarrassing all family members in the immediate vicinity. It should come as no surprise that 42% of kids across the nation admit they wish their dads were better dancers.
But dads themselves clearly don’t agree, and this year they’ve broken free: 22% have ‘head banged’ to heavy metal, and one in four dads under 25 believe their moves should be classed as ‘excellent’. And what about their dancing heroes? Well, it’s all about the Justin’s – one in five dads would like to move like JT, while one in ten dads under 25 would prefer to rock the dance floor like Bieber.
This guide shows you how to spot one of the growing number of Dad dancers on the scene by cataloguing their four most popular steps, so you can spot a dance happy Dad (and check whether he’s yours) before you go anywhere near the dance-floor yourself. If you’re a Dad yourself, there’s even a new Timberlake inspired ‘Suit and Tie’ move at the end – perfect for trying out next time someone starts playing anything with a beat within your hearing.

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