Electronic Signatures- Entering the Digital World

Electronic Signatures- Entering the Digital World 1

Morse code and telegraph was used 100 years ago by the people in order to electronically accept the contracts.  On 30th of June, 12 years ago, the ESIGN act was signed by Bill Clinton in order to make the e-signatures legal.

There are various benefits of e-signatures not only for big businesses but also for the small ones.  Some of these benefits include getting the documents signed in just few minutes, improving the audit trail, reducing the use of papers and printers, convenient, providing high data accessibility and others.

In order to prevent the tampering of the signatures, the e-signatures enable the security measures that are strict.  Stamping methods and authenticating measures are included in the e-signatures to make sure of its authenticity.

The strength of e-signature differs from one state in US to another as per ESIGN act.  The e-signatures are 100% peerless and ink free and they can be retrieved easily. [Source]

Electronic Signatures

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