10 Crazy Drinking Games You Can Play At Your House Party

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Are you scouting for fun drinking games that you can liven up your next house party? If you feel you’ve tried them all, then we’ve got some surprises in store for you, and there are plenty of options to choose from. You can try fun card and dice games, or you can play games to know your friends better. Some games are just hilariously funny and meant to have a great time with your friends and family.

So without further ado, here are some crazy drinking games that you can try out during the next house party that you would host. 

Drinking Game No. 1 – Never Have I Ever

10 Crazy Drinking Games You Can Play At Your House Party 1

This is a great drinking game if you are keen on revealing all your friends’ secrets. This game involves sharing something that you have never done before in life. Those who have already done it can simply take a sip of their drink. For instance, if you say, “Never have I ever been kissed”, then those who have been can simply take a sip of their drink. This simple yet funny game will reveal embarrassing stories of your near and dear ones.  

2. Flip Cup

Image result for Flip Cup drinking game
Image result for Flip Cup drinking game

This is a good starter drinking game for any house party. You can divide your guests into two teams that can compete against each other. Both teams need to stand on the opposite sides of a table. You need to ensure that they place their cups with drinks at the edge of the table. Everybody participating in the game needs to finish their drink and the flip the cup with their fingers. The cup should land top-up on the table. Once the first player is successful doing this, the next player from the same team should take their turn. The first team to complete this wins the game!

3. Beer Roulette

10 Crazy Drinking Games You Can Play At Your House Party 2

This is a game of chance that is massively entertaining. One player needs to be appointed to carry as many beer cans as they can in a room where all the guests have gathered. The player needs to shake all the cans of beer vigorously and then he/she needs to hand them out to others in the room. Every player needs to take the can and open it. Whoever gets sprayed has to chug their entire beer can.    

There are many variations to this game. For instance, all the players can be blindfolded except one who needs to fill each glass with beer, or one who receives something stronger. Everybody can then switch their glasses while still remaining blindfolded. Then they can chug.

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4. Sip Sip Shot

10 Crazy Drinking Games You Can Play At Your House Party 3

You can consider this drinking game to be an adult version of Duck Duck Goose. Everybody present in the party needs to sit in a circle. One player needs to go around bopping people on their heads and asking them to take a sip. Each person who has been bopped needs to take a sip till the bopper chooses somebody else to say “shot”. The shot person then has to leap and chase the bopper in a circle to tag them. If they are successful, then they can take over as a bopper. Else they need to take a shot.  

5. The Name Game

This is yet another interesting drinking game that will test your knowledge of celebs. To start this game, a player needs to take the name of a famous person and then the next person has to say the name of somebody else who is famous and whose name starts with the first letter of the celeb’s surname that the first person took. For instance, if a player says Brad Pitt, then the following person could say Penelope Cruz. Those who cannot take the name of any celeb immediately needs to take a sip. 

6. Spin the Bottle

10 Crazy Drinking Games You Can Play At Your House Party 4

This game is a great way to enjoy any house party. It basically involves spinning the bottle and whoever it lands on need to say the weirdest thing they can imagine. Those who end up laughing need to take a sip.

7. The Whisper Game

10 Crazy Drinking Games You Can Play At Your House Party 5

In this game, the group needs to come up with a question and select an individual to answer it. Those who take a sip can learn the answer. So, you either drink up and have your curiosity solved or be the one to be left out.

8. Coin Hockey 

10 Crazy Drinking Games You Can Play At Your House Party 6

You need to at least gather 4-5 people around a small round table. Everybody needs to have a bottle of beer that can serve as the net. You can use any two fingers of your dominant hand as your hockey stick. A coin can be used as a puck. Everybody needs to start with their stick on the top of their respective nets. One player need to spin the puck on the table. Once it starts spinning, they can call the name of a person participating in the game. Everybody else can put their sticks down. The person whose name has been called needs to hit the puck and try to ding it off one of the nets. The person whose net the puck hits needs to take a sip from their drink. They can then spin the next puck. 

9. Pizza Box

10 Crazy Drinking Games You Can Play At Your House Party 7

You need to have a pizza box in order to play this game. Every player is required to write his/her name on the box and draw circles around their names. The first player should toss a quarter onto the box. The person on whose name the quarter lands has to drink. If the quarter lands on a blank spot, then the player can write a new rule and draw a circle around it. If someone lands their quarter in this rule circle, then they need to follow whatever the rule is. Each person gets the chance to flip the quarter. You can write down interesting rules such as “call a player’s mom” or “shotgun a beer”.    

10. Mr. Freeze

10 Crazy Drinking Games You Can Play At Your House Party 8

This drinking game is ideal for a smaller party. Before starting the game, you need to identify a person as Mr. Freeze. At any point, the chosen person will freeze. Others should freeze as soon as they notice it. The last person to notice this has to do a shot. Then you can choose a new Mr. Freeze. Simple, yet fun!  

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