Different Stages Of Recruitment Process

Stages Of Recruitment

Most organizations know that recruitment is a tedious, time-consuming, and expensive task. The recruitment process standard operating procedure has been outdated, and these innovative hiring techniques allow companies to get the right candidate. Recruitment process outsourcing is the new way of hiring where RPO firms will handle the entire responsibility of finding the right candidate. The RPO firms have a structured outline when it comes to recruitment. They divide the recruitment process into different stages and achieves great results.

The recruitment process starts with job analysis, where the business will clarify the kind of job opening in their organization. They will then advise the RPO services about the roles and responsibilities required for the job. Once the initial job evaluation process is done, it will be advertised in job portals, social media, etc. After the scrutiny of the resume, RPO will come up with shortlisted candidates, who will then go through different interviews. After the interview performance, the final selection will be made along with background checking, and these will be done before offering them the job.

Different Stages Of Recruitment

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