How to Defend Your Opinion: Key Recommendations by Experts

How to Defend Your Opinion

A high school student who doesn’t know how to stand up for his opinion is fine, but an adult needs this skill. After all, this is your life and other people don’t have the right to structure it in a way that is comfortable for them, not you. If this is your case, be prepared to live someone else’s life and be unlikely to achieve what you are capable of. So let’s learn.

You Are Entitled to Your Opinion

Before you defend your point of view, remember that the right to a personal opinion, no one has not abolished, in fact, you are obliged to have it, otherwise, you aren’t a person. And it doesn’t matter if you have support. Just your point of view is original and not like the point of view of others, and will be rejected. So anyone with an unusual idea can be slammed or have to fight for their idea. What if it is brilliant? The one who suggested the use of fire, the one who invented the wheel, and the one who invented new medicines also stood up for his opinion. So why should you give up? In any case, you know yourself better than your parents, friends, or bosses.

Your Relatives Can Be Wrong

A child raised by authoritarian parents even in adulthood refuses to give up his or her opinion, relying on relatives or co-workers, and in the end, everyone loses. It’s important to understand that any point of view that comes your way should only be taken as someone’s personal opinion, not as the square or cube of the truth. Other people can be as wrong as you are, no matter how authoritative they are to you. Everyone thinks only to the extent of their experience. By making fun of your opinion, a person can rely on his negative experience, accuse you of what he is guilty of, try on your abilities and capabilities, and just envy. It’s important to work on self-confidence. How do you learn to defend your opinion if you do not believe in yourself and your ideas?

Why Is It Good to Argue?

Any dispute should be perceived as a chance to talk and talk through your idea, run it down and check its viability, and see if you can make your opinion weigh in the eyes of another and whether you are able to “ignite” the person with his idea. You have to convince yourself that our idea is just a chain of hypotheses that anyone can refute. So it is worth fighting for them and drawing out the truth in this argument.

Try to Understand Your Relative

Your opponent can be wrong, but he doesn’t think so. For example, you’re into betting at Bet22, but your sister thinks it’s a terrible thing for your mental health. No need to condemn her, try to understand and feel herself in her skin. Think about what she feels and what her beliefs are based on. It will be easier and so you will convince her more easily.

Learn the Art of Communication

Be aware of your requests, because it is on their basis that the opinion of others about you is formed. The perfect manner of communication in which you easily win the battle for your own opinion is composed of respect for others and self-respect. It’s important to control yourself and own the initiative. If you lose control over yourself, you will surely lose the argument.


Hone your communication skills, such as finding a stumbling block and having a discussion about it. Once you have learned what is good and what is bad, you can start defending your opinion in the same way with your colleagues and then with your superiors, that is, get out of your comfort zone. You can practice this during arguments on social media, too.

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