Dealing with Stress and Life

Lets just say, there’s no such thing as a stress free world anymore. Or a stress free day, moment or occasion in any grown ups life. The more adept one becomes in dealing with stress and life, the more advantageous. The following infographic by My HEALTHeME deals with “Who’s stressed in America and how they’re dealing with it”. The header itself goes by the line STRESS (caps is apt for this) in Running my Life!. For instance, one out of three Americans have reported an increase in their stress levels since 2011. The primary factors for this stress being caused are money, work, economy, relationships and family responsibilities.

As is obvious with the dramatic digitization of our world in the past 5 years, we seem to have become a largely individualistic society. Married lives are not the same anymore too, with both husband and wife having to share equal burdens in the household and otherwise. For instance, 5 out of 10 women have stated an increased effort in dealing with stress over the last 5 years, versus 4 out of 10 men. The infographic states that married women are 50% more likely to report an increase in stress levels versus unmarried women. Inability in dealing with stress has had its share of effects on people. Some people have surprisingly stressful jobs, such as event management, public relations, photo journalists or taxi drivers. What can this do to us? Well, for starters, Americans report being 20 pounds more heavier than they were 10 years ago. A counter effect (and probably positive for a certain industry) is the 9.2% increase in chocolate sales in the concurrent period. Most people also report an increased inclination towards eating unhealthy food for dealing with stress.

There are several ways to cope with stress in todays world though. A rapid increase in health consciousness has taken place, which serves tremendous opportunities for gyms and healthy food and drinks industry. At the end of the day, it is upon each individual and what works best for him or her in dealing with stress in daily life.



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