How to Create a Well-Balanced Blog

Our partners often come to us with the same problem: They are eager to establish a presence through their blog, to create powerful, engaging visual content that will attract their target audience and transform that audience into brand loyalists—but they don’t know exactly what type of content they should be publishing to achieve this.

Blogs remain the easiest and most efficient publishing platform for any brand. Through carefully curated content, you can showcase your brand’s personality, expertise, influence and relevance. And by leveraging different mediums, from slideshows and infographics to interactives and videos, you can publish a wide-range of content to feed many different audiences.

But arbitrarily creating this content won’t get the results you desire. Good content may be entertaining or interesting, but if it doesn’t align to your company goals, it isn’t truly effective. A well-crafted content strategy is necessary to guide your publishing efforts and ensure that everything you create serves both brand goals and audience cravings.

Of course, those audience cravings must be satisfied. Success hinges on your ability to deliver the right mix of content to your audience, in the right portions. Too much fluff and you lose credibility; too many thought leadership pieces and you put everyone to sleep.

A helpful way to frame this challenge is to think of content curation as a well-balanced diet. To maintain a healthy audience, you must feed them the right food.

ColumnFive created this infographic with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to help visualize what that perfect mix looks like. This sample menu is a fantastic resource for any brand looking to beef up its publishing efforts. We hope it makes you hungry—to publish.
How to Create a Well-Balanced Blog
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