5 Common Travel Insurance Myths Debunked

travel insurance myths
travel insurance myths

Are you heading for your next big vacation? If yes, then brace yourselves, because we have the right thing for your one needs in order to embark on a new journey. Whether you’re travelling solo or with your family, trust us, everybody needs travel insurance. Having said that, a majority of people have misconceptions which come in the way of their investment in this plan. Therefore, before investing in either a family travel insurance or student travel insurance, get these top 5 myths given below debunked:

5 common travel insurance myths debunked:

Myth 1: Your trip will not go haywire with a travel insurance

A majority of people are under the wrong notion that either their trip will not go haywire or nothing will happen to them once they undertake a travel insurance plan. However, this is not the case as you cannot predict anything due to the uncertainty of life. While you may have travelled a zillion times without anything going wrong in the middle of the trip, basing your judgments on the past tours is illogical. However, having travel insurance comes in handy in order to avoid any unforeseen events.

Myth 2: Airlines cover your cost of delayed or cancelled flights

In case you have missed flights, do not be under the assumption that the airlines are going to pay for the charges of either the delayed or the missed flights. Airlines do not reimburse the amount until and unless it is a serious situation. In worst case scenarios like cancelling the flight due to illness leaves you with no reimbursement, at all. If you opt for travel insurance, it most definitely acts as your saviour in such circumstances and turns the impossibility into a possibility by helping you out.

Myth 3: Every travel policy has the same offerings

Whoever said that all the travel insurances provide the same offerings hasn’t made it a point to get the misconception cleared. However, this is simply not the case as every plan provides its customers with a varied range of numerous things. These offerings can be in the form of hospitalization expenses, pre-existing conditions, and so forth. Moreover, it depends totally on the insurance companies and what they wish to provide the customers with. Every travel policy is different with different features and benefits.

Myth 4: Only globetrotters require travel insurance

A true gypsy at heart understands the true meaning of travel insurance. For that, you need not necessarily be an adventure junkie. Well, it is true that adventure junkies require it compulsorily as they are more prone to risk. Even if you aren’t one, then it’s fine. Because travel insurance is for everyone who wishes to save money as well as wants to be prepared for emergency situations. For instance, if you miss your flight or the bus you’re travelling in breaks down, then travel insurance will bear all the additional charges that are incurred in these scenarios.

Myth 5: Life insurance covers you during travel

A majority of people are under the wrong impression that their policy like health insurance will cover them in case of any medical emergency. While a part of it might be true, health insurance doesn’t provide coverage when your flights are delayed or cancelled. Health insurance won’t work if you plan to cancel your trip and go back home in case of a medical emergency in your family. However, in case of travel insurance, it will easily cover your expenses in times of any cancellations.

Now that you are well aware of all the myths associated with travel insurance, pay a deaf ear to all those misconceptions and make an investment in it to the earliest. See to it that you make comparisons between multiple policies provided by different companies to find the most appropriate international or domestic travel insurance cover. Comparisons will help you to finalize a plan based on its affordability, needs, and requirements of the customers.

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