From a College Dropout to Managing the #1 Brand of Candles and now, Eyeing The Forbes Under 30, this Entrepreneur’s Impressive Journey to Success

Gaurav Vinod Dubey

Gaurav Vinod Dubey decided to take the unconventional route of stopping his formal education and dived into the exciting world of Entrepreneurship. Having started his journey with unwavering resolve and enthusiasm, today he is the Managing Director of a trusted #1 Candles Brand. This is his journey tracing his path to success & glory.

Gaurav Dubey was in his early twenties when classroom courses and textbooks stopped appealing to him. He wanted to do things differently.

“I have learned more things on the streets rather than in classrooms. If you want to do something in life, there are plenty of reasons to make it happen; and if you don’t want to do, there are plenty of reasons to not do as well.”

Initial Struggles

Leaving education, Dubey had to struggle hard to make it on his own. He didn’t hold grudges against those who judged him. A man with a vision, Gaurav worked a lot of jobs before he could taste the fruits of success.  He was associated with the Gujarat CMO in the PWD and also tried his hands at real-estate. 

After a lot of hard-work and dedication, he started his own company – LV Products.

Gaurav says that he had failed many times but his consistent focus on his goals and vision didn’t let his determination sway. The passion to do something of his own kept the fire burning.

About LV Products

Dubey is the MD of LV products, which is the #1 brand of candles. When asked, he said that the name LV has been lucky for him.

Vision and Personal Life

He believes in creating milestones and envisages a long journey ahead of him. 

Dubey’s mantra for business is simple, “Get in. Get rich. And Get out.

Gaurav believes in objectivity and says he doesn’t take decisions based on assumptions. He likes to hear both sides of the story and takes decisions based on calculated risks. 

He turns 28 today and even received a birthday card from Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

Like all entrepreneurs with tenacity, his efforts have borne success. He was bestowed with the prestigious “Power Broker of the Year 2019” award by Skill Indian Awards. 

The Power Broker award is given to those entrepreneurs who have exceptional influencing and negotiating skills and can work their way through deals to meet their aims.

An elated Dubey said now he was aiming to get featured on Forbes Under 30.

Future Prospects

This young entrepreneur wants to expand his brand, LV, into the hospitality business. He says that his next entrepreneurial venture would be South Indian Cafes, under LV Hospitality. After that, his next milestone would be to venture into the Education industry. Dubey wants to empower children and improve accessibility of education. He feels that education should not feel like a burden to students but rather be fun and rewarding.

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