Cloud Reality Check

In 2009 Rackspace carried out a No More Servers study, a lot has changed since then – 20% IT specialists and decision makers weren’t aware of cloud computing. In this study Rackspace have asked very similar questions, to see if things have changed across the period of three years. What the report shows is that on some of the areas things either got a bit worse, or aren’t moving as fast as anticipated.

On the other hand the idea of cloud computing is now better understood by a greater number of organisations, and is seen as an alternative to in-house hosting, realising how much time and money traditional solutions require. IT teams are spending more time than ever on managing everyday maintenance and troubleshooting issues.

Server management still remains an issue, making it difficult for organisations to innovate and focus on core areas of their business. The good news is that some of these problems are being solved by cloud and managed hosting services, which explains why over a third of the respondents are planning to shift towards these in the mid-term.

Cloud Reality Check Infographic
Infographic by Rackspace Cloud Computing

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