Characteristics of Successful Public Policy

Characteristics of Successful Public Policy 1

Public policy is the cornerstone of American democracy and servers a very important purpose in American society. We vote for, see, and hear pubic policy quite often, but do we ever stop to think what is good public policy and what is not?

Climate change, energy, and healthcare are some major public policy issues in our world today and are the focus of most national lawmakers. There are many laws that positively benefit our society, and there are many that don’t. What we can be sure about is that successful public policy is usually made up of two things: Good policy (measurable and positive outcome) and good politics (bi-partisanship). Good public policy solves public problems effectively and efficiently, serves justice, supports democratic institutions and processes, and encourages an active and empathic citizenship. To learn more about what makes good public policy, checkout this infographic by Norwich University.

Characteristics of Successful Public Policy

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