Celebucation: Celebrities & Their Donations to Education

We do not begrudge people for spending their money in any way that they see fit (as long as it does not harm others; we certainly do not want people to hire hit men) but we have to ask: Who needs money more–you or the government?

Every rational person would say the former so it is distasteful when celebrities or the wealthy donate money to public schools. It seems to be almost a conspiracy. They have great success and at least some intelligence (such as Bill Gates, who went to Harvard and who is mentioned in the “Celubucation: Celebrities and their donations to education” infographic). Yet, they have given money to those who promulgate Common Core which seeks to erase the cognitive and rational abilities of students. It is as if, having attained success, they want to destroy the chances of others in attaining success and wealth. This, of course, is just a theory but we believe a plausible one.

Perhaps especially offensive is Mark Zuckerberg’s donation of 100 million dollars to the Newark school system. You ought not to give drugs to a drug addict nor whiskey to an alcoholic, so there is no reason to give an enormous sum of money to a system that has obviously failed and is incapable of sustaining itself.

We do, however, applaud those like Oprah Winfrey and Shakira (also mentioned in the infographic) who have done much in building and rebuilding schools in Africa and Haiti, and wish that there were more of these celebrities.

Likes: The section on “Unique gifts”. This could be the most productive of all.

Dislikes: Bill Gates. Need we say more?

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