Why casino games work particularly well on mobile

casino games on mobile

casino games on mobile

In recent years, it has become unusual to find anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet. The popularity of such devices has benefited a lot of businesses. One of the advantages for businesses has been increased exposure to potential customers. Online casinos have particularly benefited from this smartphone user boom.

The casino industry began cashing in on the idea of mobile gaming right from the onset with the so-called mobile-first approach. Casino games became accessible on phones and tablets, and often mobile games deliver a more seamless experience. This was made possible through HTML5 technology.


What is HTML5?

HTML5 is a markup language for web content, and the ‘5’ in the name signifies that it’s the fifth HTML version. In simpler terms, HTML5 is the backbone behind online games and provides the features that enable them to work on mobile phones.

HTML5 provides cross-platform support, audio APIs, and 2D and 3D graphics and animation typical in mobile games. Developers can easily build their games on any HTML5 framework and take advantage of the quality and style assets therein.


Benefits of HTML5

Online casinos in India have quickly migrated from Flash to HTML5, and for good reason. Here are some unique attributes of HTML5 games as opposed to Flash games:


  • Platform compatibility


What makes the HTML5 code superior to the Flash code is its compatibility with almost all modern types of devices. Regardless of the screen size, the resolution or the browser, the HTML5 code is flexible enough to adjust itself to most current devices in the world.


  • Easily updated


Another advantage that the HTML5 codes have over the Flash codes is the security and ease of making updates. The Flash codes are extremely insecure and require too many updates. This problem does not exist for HTML5 codes.


Because HTML5 codes are relatively easy to understand, it is very easy for the creators of online games to make updates to the code and fix whatever error develops. Due to this, it came as no surprise that the easily updated and easy-to-understand code won the day.


  • Incredible graphics


Most modern web applications can render complex and appealing 3D objects in the browser using the WebGL pipeline. This pipeline enables such applications to use the graphics card of smartphones to create beautiful 3D experiences.


HTML5 fully supports the WebGL pipeline. That is why you can get wonderful graphics experiences even from your mobile phone. Through the use of HTML5, these online games can be integrated to the graphics capabilities of mobile devices.



The shift from Flash to HTML5 has brought about a change in the look and feel of online casino games. More importantly, the cross-platform support feature of this technology has revolutionised mobile gaming. Both new and old online casinos in India have jumped on the trend. These sites are mobile compatible and allow you to play plenty of mobile games.

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