How Exactly Can A Car Accident Lawyer Watertown Help You

car accident lawyer watertown

car accident lawyer watertown

It can be frustrating and daunting to be involved in a car accident. For many people, it’s a tragic experience that nobody wants to go through because it involves dealing not only with injuries but also legal matters. If you’ve sustained physical injuries or damage to property in a car accident in the Watertown area, it’s important to seek help from a car accident lawyer, especially if it wasn’t your fault.

Below are some ways how a car accident lawyer could help you when you’re facing a car accident case.

Gathers Substantial Evidence to Prove Your Claim

A car accident lawyer is a personal injury lawyer who specializes in providing legal services to victims who claim that they’ve been injured as a result of a negligent driver. Of course, both parties can file a claim and seek the help of a car accident lawyer to find out who the one at fault is by gathering substantial evidence.

A trusted and experienced car accident lawyer can help in the investigation process and even hire a private investigator to ensure that none of the possible evidence will be missed. That’s why choosing the right car accident attorney is a must, so check this site for more details.

Here are some examples of evidence in a car accident case:

  • Police Report: This evidence is crucial because it contains all the technical details of the car accident based on the expertise of authorities or police officers who responded to the site. However, it’s still important to contact a car accident lawyer after the accident to ensure that all aspects are checked or assessed.
  • Photos or CCTV Videos of the Car Accident: Your car accident lawyer will advise you to take photos after the car accident if you’re safe and in good condition. However, if you can’t manage to do it, you can ask your companion or a passenger to take photos of all angles of both cars, traffic lights, and possible witnesses.
  • Witnesses: A car accident lawyer will interview all possible witnesses, including bystanders and both parties, to gather all the details before, during, and after the accident.
  • Medical Records or Healthcare Documents: Even if you sustained minor injuries, a car accident lawyer would advise you to seek medical attention to keep a medical record of the accident. The medical record must bear the date and types of injuries, like bone fractures, bruises, wounds, and cuts.

Assesses the Amount of Compensation For Pain and Suffering

In a car accident case, pain and suffering is not an exact measurement, so it varies depending on the case. If you firmly believe that you should be compensated for pain and suffering after a car accident, then you have to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer for your best interest.

When insurance companies compute the amount of compensation for pain and suffering, they use the “multiply-by-three rule”. This compensation is designed to cover emotional damage and medical and rehabilitation costs in the future, as well as unknown costs that may incur in the future.

For instance, if you incurred $4,000 in medical bills that are related to a broken leg, the insurance company will multiply the amount by three, and conclude that $12,000 represents a reasonable compensation amount for a plaintiff’s pain and suffering.

Negotiates and Works with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies want to pay the least amount of compensation for the personal injury claim legally possible. Because an insurance company is a for-profit business and not a charity organization, the expected goal of every insurance company is to pay valid claimants as little money as possible.

Insurance companies will immediately issue a check to cover your hospitalization and other medical bills. By doing so, they avoid paying additional future expenses. For serious injuries, it’s best to consult a car accident lawyer to help you ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your case.

Here are some ways a car accident lawyer can help deal with the insurance company:

  • Conduct a proper investigation to assess the root cause of the car accident.
  • Review the true extent of your injuries with the help of experts, like doctors, nurses, and therapists, from a third-party medical center or hospital. Experts will evaluate if your condition may lead to temporary or permanent disabilities, that could significantly affect your career or capacity to earn a living.
  • Assess your injuries if they would lead to long-term pain and suffering.
  • Take your personal injury case to court if the insurance company fails to provide a fair amount of compensation for your case.
  • Evaluate your case for emotional damage or trauma that could restrict you from driving a car or operating machines or equipment in the future.


While you apply safety driving rules at all times, an accident may still happen due to reckless driving or driving under the influence of other drivers. Also, natural disasters and poor road conditions may cause car accidents. That’s why it’s important to hire a car accident lawyer, who will investigate and serve as your legal representative when you’re facing a personal injury claim due to a car crash.

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